Are you experiencing "Ascension 'flu?

If you are having bodily symptoms that don't seem to have any logical reason to be occurring, and your doctor is baffled too, you could be experiencing "ascension symptoms" or the ascension 'flu.

The changes in the Earth's electromagnetic force field and the weakening of the protective ozone layer are causing the body to be exposed to pressures and forces that it has not been exposed to before this time. The reaction of the pineal gland and other body systems can cause real-life signs and symptoms.

Symptoms can easily be relieved  by a high vibrational attunement from a Marconics practitioner.

Go through the following list and if you respond yes to three or more, then you probably are experiencing ascension flu.

-high pitched ringing in one or both ears
-cramping in feet and legs
-head, neck and shoulder aches
-dry eyes with or without blurry vision
-losing track of time
-time seems to run much faster than before
-visits from angels and other beings not of the 3rd dimension
-extreme thirst
-vivid dreams
-strengthening of psychic gifts

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