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The hands represent the  practitioner's two hands and the hands of the Galactics.

Center symbol  (triskellion) is Sirian and appears through history in various cultures.
It represents the trinity- 
Creation, Experience , Ascension
Mother/Father God, Creation
Past, Present,Future
Life, Death, Rebirth.

The  colors are  blue, fuchsia and yellow/gold representing -
mother and father god and pure creation.

Connie          I am a mother,sister, wife and daughter.
I am also an author,a seer, an intuit, a metaphysician and energy healer.
I am a Light Worker..
You can find out more about me by browsing some of my many sites.

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IlluminatedAnswers          Reiki Awakening


I offer you many diverse kinds of energy healing.
I hold certificates in both 3D and 5D modalities.
I am certified in several  3rd dimension energetic healing modalities:
·        Usui Reiki Master/Teacher
·        Practical Reiki Master/Teacher
·        Power Reiki Master/Teacher
·        Chios Master/Teacher
·        Quantum Touch 3rd Level Practitioner
·        Munay-Ki 9th Rite
·        Hospice Companion
As well I work in the 4th & 5th dimensions –being am one of only a handful of certified Marconics practitioners in the country.

I have been channeling healing energy for the past five years and am gifted in feeling the nuances in one’s energy with occasional mind’s eye impressions and I work with my angels and guides for additional illumination purely as an energy channeling “vessel” for that which is in one’s highest and greatest good only.
I work with the Archangelic Realm and also the Beings of Light of the highest vibration only.  I have a special angel helper, Gloria, whose assistance is invaluable in providing the light!
I am a founding member of Ultimate Healing Arts – Sisters in Spirit in Service to the Divine, specializing in energetic channeled healing focused on 5th dimension energies that encourage a raising of the body’s energetic frequency connecting those we work with into the universal energetic grid to facilitate healing.
It is energy like you have never experienced before.
I practice local as well as distant energy work.

I look forward to being of service to you.